A Stupid Simple Way to Find Vacant Properties

Finding vacant properties

Let’s be honest,
Investing in real estate can be scary.

Especially if you’re just starting out!

Truth be told, there are a bunch of things you have to think about.

For instance…

Should you call a realtor?

Can they even help you find great deals?

OR  Should you try out Zillow or Redfin and see what comes up?

And if you don’t know where to start, you may not start at all, or you might get started only to end up wasting a LOT of time.

The good news is, there’s a simple way to avoid all the false starts and confusion.

It’s actually A very simple method you can use to find vacant properties in any city of your choice – even if it is not listed for sale or foreclosed on.

It is so simple, you can start implementing it to find property almost instantly.

You won’t have to break the bank to use this method, and you don’t have to beg anybody for anything.

All you have to do is walk up to someone you already know, and most likely have a friendly relationship with, to find out about those properties.

And this is a method you can use EVEN if you hate interacting with people, and when I tell you about it, you are going to be like “ooh!, why did I not think of that?”

So what is this method that I’m raving about? 

It is called the Partnership with mail carriers method.

I bet you are thinking “what the heck do mail carriers have to do with me finding vacant properties?” hold on, I’m going to explain now.

You know that mail carriers come to your house or your neighborhood to deliver and collect your mail… and they do the same thing for your neighbors.

“Yes Lou, I know this already. What’s your point?”

My point is, they have access to all the mail for the houses they are in charge of, so they know which houses are vacant, they may even know the previous owners and perhaps even how long it has been vacant for.

So having a good rapport with them gives you access to the information they have.

This relationship gives you a massive advantage.

Get to know your postal carrier, work out a deal with them that you’ll give them $CASH$ for every lead they give you that turns into a deal.

(You can also work out a deal to get their friends involved too, more on that later).

This strategy enables you to get information about deals that nobody knows about.

This is what I call no competition deals.

And you’d be surprised by how great of a deal you can get on some vacant properties…
…A few weeks ago, an investor who really wasn’t any different than you, bought a house for $5,000 (God’s honest truth).

After the renovation fees, he could sell or rent it at the current market value and make a pretty penny.

There are other houses I call ten-dollar houses.

These are homes that the owners are behind on, or upside down on (owe more than it’s worth). I teach people how to target mortgage lenders with faulty paperwork and then you can swoop in to buy the deed of the property

And what’s more.

You can leverage this method by creating a referral program, where you pay a referral fee of say $250 for every referral that is sent to you where you end up buying the property.

This will have leads coming your way in massive numbers!

There is more where this came from, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

I’ve got over 200 ways of finding properties.

So if you want a solid foundation on how to invest and profit in real estate, if you’d like to know how to find those ten-dollar houses, and buy those properties before anyone else, you definitely need to check this out.
Here, you will discover techniques, systems, and strategies that will blow your mind and grow your portfolio.

Are you finally ready to take that plunge to start your real estate investing journey?

If so, here’s what to do next.

First, talk to your postal carrier the next time you see them.

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