You are In the Finance Business

You are in the Finance Business.

Hi, it’s Lou Brown, I’m back with another “Lu-ism” you are in the finance business. What does that mean? Well, if you are a real estate investor or want to be a real estate investor, often people think, well, I’m going to be in the rental business.

Well, that’s really landlording. Now what if I described to you that you don’t have to do landlording and one of the negatives with landlording is that you’re a landlord, that, that you’re having to deal with tenants that have no vested interest in the future of that property, or your life, or their life, either.

We like to specialize and work with people that eventually want to own a home and I want to teach that to you. It’s an amazing thing and what if you could actually as part of your exit strategy, be the bank for your client, the person who’s living in the home, now we have a whole process that we go through to find these people in the first place to work with them while they’re living there and then as part of the exit strategy, in the last two weeks, we’ve had two people in our program move up the path to homeownership to actually become part of our gold membership, which is the financing program where we’re doing in house financing.

I love to teach that to you. I’ve got an upcoming event, it’s called millionaire jumpstart, you’re going to learn how we find the customers, how we buy the properties, where we find the sellers for properties, how we talk to them the entire buying process, you’re going to learn the holding process, and the selling process, you’re going to learn protecting all that you create using trusts. So it’s a very comprehensive training. It’s three days, we’re going to be together sequestered. And I want you to definitely be connected with everything that we’re doing and how we’re doing it.

So please do get registered for the upcoming millionaire jumpstart. Now, this is an important training, so set everything else aside, I’ve been doing this for many years, I’ve been investing for over 40 years. I’ve survived. Now in my fifth real estate cycle, definitely an opportunity that’s coming down the pike and I want you to know about it. So definitely join me at the upcoming millionaire jumpstart.

All the information is right here, and I’ll see you soon. Yeah, baby

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