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Hi, it’s Lou brown back with another Lu-ism, and it’s called skills create deals. What I mean by that is, if you don’t have the right interview skills, then you’re not able to pull out of a seller exactly what’s going on in their world. That’s one of the things that you want to perfect, you want to become a master asker, you want to discover exactly where people are in their world so that you can bring a solution to the table.

Now, I’m going to teach you 37 different solutions that you can bring to the table so you’re not going to be missing anything.

Now I’ve got an event coming up, It’s called Millionaire Jumpstart.

Millionaire Jumpstart is a big focus on the buying side of the business, we’re going to talk about holding and selling properties, we’re going to talk about protecting all that you create, it’s a full three day training come prepared, because we’re going to be working morning noon and night during the two days, and we’re going to end about 530 on the third day.

So know that there’s a lot of information that’s going to be shared, you’re going to get a special manual, and we’re going to go through all of that material, you’re going to have homework in advance of attending the event as well.

So it’s a good investment of your time and energy to attend that event. Because you’re going to be learning from somebody that’s been in this business for over 40 years. If you can imagine buying, holding and selling property.

That’s the name of my book, Buy, Hold, Sell, and I definitely want to teach you what has worked for me through five real estate cycles and what can work for you as well. Hope to see you there. Yeah, baby!

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