Real Estate Predictions from Lou’s Crystal Ball…

Real Estate Predictions from Lou’s Crystal Ball…

Hi, it’s Lou brown and someone has asked me, tell me, what does your crystal ball show?

Lou? What does it show? What am I gonna do?

You’ve been doing this business now for over 40 years, you’re going into your fifth real estate cycle. What can you tell me about what’s going on?

Well, let me tell you something. It’s coming, baby, and the reason I say that is because we have a convergence, almost a perfect storm, so to speak of a lot of different things that are happening at one time.

Now, of course, because of the virus because of the shutdown, all the different things have converged at one time, I just heard that Lord and Taylor hundred and 94 years in business going out of business shutting down, we’ve got 118 year old JC Penney shutting down, we’ve got all kinds of different companies that have been icons, brands, in our communities, all throughout our childhood now going out of business, is there going to be a reset of the economy, you better believe there’s going to be a reset, we’ve got 10s of thousands of pilots being laid off.

We’ve got all kinds of different resets. Within travel. We’ve got people stopping building apartments right now, because the apartment industry is way over built for what’s going on. And what do we have, we have a whole lot of people that are interested in living in single family homes.

Why? Because right now, there’s been a reset of how people actually do business, how people work, they’re working from home, they want to have a separate space from the kids and the family and the dogs and everything else, because they’ve got to conduct their business. So they need a different type of space. They don’t want to live in apartments, they want to live in homes. That’s a part of the convergence as well. We also because of the last downturn, we had a lot of folks that we’re not building.

So we had about 500,000 houses per year for a period of five years that were not built. So we’re way under built in our economy, were over stocked with apartments, and we’ve got a huge demand. We’ve also got baby boomers that are getting older, and now they want families or have families, they want to move out of those apartments, they want to come to the suburbs, they don’t like the rioting in the streets, and they’re kind of looking at their life in a different viewpoint.

They also want to have more control over what’s going into their children’s minds, and what their children are seeing. So they want to do more homeschooling, they want to do more viewing of what’s being taught to their children. There’s a lot of different things shifting and occurring.

Now here’s another thing to be concerned about and considerate of is the fact that there is a logjam because of the shutdown because of the pullback. Well, a lot of people were left in their properties. Maybe they lost their jobs, maybe they didn’t, and they took advantage of the opportunity to not have to pay their rent.

All of those landlords have been trying to get into the courts or need to get into the courts to get rid of these problem residents. As a result, they are putting the kibosh on things. Here’s something to definitely be aware of, is that when those courts do open up, there’s going to be a huge rush of a lot of different people will think about it, there’s going to be a lot of burned out landlords, people that don’t want to evict people because of this situation that we’ve been in, and they have bills that they need to pay.

So there’s an opportunity there as well buying from burned out landlords, we’ve got the opportunity now of being able to approach them take over their litigation rights and actually be the one to handle cleaning up the mess, so to speak, or a reset button with the residents that live there.

We want to do as much as we can do to help people stay in their homes if we possibly can, but if that’s not the case, there’s opportunities there as well. Here’s what we know, banks are foreclosing on traditional loans, meaning conventional loans, but the government has put a kibosh on FHA, VA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, so any government back financing, they’ve pulled back on any foreclosures, what do you think that’s a log jam?

Sure, it is because in the normal course of business, therefore closing daily, and here we are with a huge log-jam nationwide of properties, government back loans that have Not Foreclosing. So now we’re going to see all of those coming to market as well. So whenever the courts do open up, and in some parts of the country, they never shut down in other parts of the country, they’ve been shut down for many months.

So as we see this economy opening up, what we’re going to see is that they’re going to have to clean out this backlog of both homeowners that have not been paying, as well as renters that have not been paid. There’s nothing but opportunity sitting in front of us, and we’ve got a time span.

Now all of these things don’t happen overnight. There’s a timespan, and as that occurs, just like we saw in the last economy, with a big uptick in foreclosures, comes a big hit to the economy and a big hit to the folks that definitely will bring down prices.

So when that convergence of, of homes comes on the market, however, as I’ve just shared with you, there’s also huge demand out there. Now, who are the smart players, the smart players are the ones that get the education, get the tools, the training, the technology, the team support, to put your business in place to take advantage of what’s coming. Now, it’s going to be with proper marketing, that you’re going to find out about deals that do not make it to that foreclosure steps that do not make it to the eviction courthouse.

It’s our stealth marketing, that creates the opportunities there, instead of waiting for it. On the other side, when the crash and burn occurs, we’re actually on the forefront of this, attracting those sellers attracting those those situations, those landlords that want to get out of landlording. They burned out. Well, there’s opportunities for all of us there. Now, what you want to do is get yourself positioned.

Now I’ve got a few ways that I can help you do that. Number one, we’ve got a three day event. It’s called millionaire jumpstart. Now that millionaire jumpstart training focuses on buying right and buying cheap, it focuses on holding that property for long term maximum income.

Also selling if you want to sell and flip the property, we’re going to teach you that and on protecting everything that you create. We teach you about trusts, land trusts, and personal property trust. Now we’re going to do all of this in this three day training, you’re going to get a special manual called millionaire jumpstart. And it’s chock full of some of my very best forms that I’ve created over being in this business for over 40 years.

Now, this is my fifth real estate cycle, I’m not a bit worried about the opportunities, I see exactly what we can do and how we can do it. Now one of the things I’ve designed is a way to flatten the curve to keep yourself out of risk. Because definitely real estate has its risks, and certainly for certain investors, it’s going to be a disaster when they go through this next downturn. But here’s what’s available.

Once you learn what to do and how to do it, you’re putting yourself in a position to avoid the risks that most investors have these spikes in the economy and things like this, they don’t bother us at all. Why? Because we already have customers that want the properties that we buy. We already have downpayment money. We already know how what they can afford, we already know what they’re looking for and what area they’re looking for. That’s where our focus is it’s on our customers rather than the real estate. It’s the customers.

I’m going to teach all that to you at the upcoming Millionaire Jumpstart. Now this three day training, this is one of a con, you might have been to other real estate trainings, just know that what you’re going to learn from me is unlike things that you’ve learned from other folks, I’ve been known in the industry for many years. As an innovator, I create many documents that are widely used.

Many people have my whole enchilada of real estate investing, a lot of gurus that you might have learned from already students of mine in their beginning, and certainly something that I want to share with you directly. Now I’m going to be your teacher for this three day training. We’re going to be together and you’re going to learn we’re going to be morning, noon and night. We’re going to end about 7:30pm each night until the final day, we’re going to end about 530 a lot of information, be prepared. I want you to have everything I’ve got and so definitely get yourself out registered for the upcoming Millionaire Jumpstart all the information is right here, and I’m looking forward to seeing you soon. Yeah, baby!

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