"In 1976, I started buying, holding, and selling real estate as a penniless teenager. I became a millionaire many times over and NEVER borrowed from a bank! Let me teach you the exact method I STILL use to consistently earn more than other investors." - Lou Brown

This Workshop Reveals the Little Known Secrets that Allow Everyday People to Win BIG With Real Estate Investing

“Meet the Man Who’s Perfected "Do It Yourself Real Estate Investing" His Method Has Worked For 40 Plus Years and Made Multiple Mom & Pop Millionaires”

“Read this letter if you want to take control over your life, your time, and your money by investing in real estate. My Millionaire Jumpstart Training is perfect for you if you are brand new to real estate and want a step-by-step plan to follow, or if you are an experienced investor and know deep down you can do even better!”

Dear Friend

How does it feel when you see other people living a life you’d like to live? I’m talking about those folks who seem to have plenty of freedom (and the means to enjoy it) because they have found success with real estate investing?

Do you think to yourself’ “those lucky suckers…I wish I knew how to do that!”

Well, that’s what I used to think too!

When I was just 18 years old, I had a family friend push me to get started in this lucrative area. But it wasn’t easy!

There were many times I was scratching my head and wondering what to do first and what to do next?

Honestly, I made a LOT of mistakes…but somehow, I succeeded, and along the way, I developed an approach to real estate investing that was VERY unique.

Oddly enough, many of the secrets I came up with were a result of not knowing how to do things the way everyone else did.

Today, decades later, I still haven’t come across anyone who invests in real estate using the secrets I discovered all those years ago.

In fact, the only people that do use my secrets are the people I’ve taught!

So, if you want true, no-nonsense real estate investment training, then take a few minutes to educate yourself about my Millionaire Jump Start.

At this affordable, 3-day event, I reveal my time-tested, goof-proof techniques, as well as hot new information that answers your specific questions on how to succeed in real estate investing.

Plus – you’ll walk away from the workshop with a very detailed ‘success action plan’ for making money that you can start to use right away!”

Now just, so there’s no misunderstanding, I am not promising that you’ll have the very same results as others. Still, I’ve got a long list of people who have become financially free after attending the Millionaire JumpStart, and every time I teach one, some of them show up to tell their story to others..

You see, it’s been over 14 years since I hosted my first “Millionaire JumpStart” training. Thousands of people have attended it and used what I taught them to create successful real estate businesses of their own.

These businesses are making them money day after day, month after month, time and time again. 

Take a look at what some of these students say:

That’s just a small sampling of the people who have written to me to
tell me how they’ve benefited and are succeeding using the strategies
I teach at Millionaire Jump Start.

And, as proud as I am about all the training I’ve delivered to my students, I’ve learned so much more in just the last year! And I’m making more money than ever with these new techniques and discoveries… secrets that I want to show you. 

That’s why I’m delighted to announce:

“THE 2021 MILLIONAIRE JUMP START” Will Be Held in Dallas, Texas at an Exclusive Location on Friday, February 19th through Sunday, February 21st.

Starting at 8:30 a.m. sharp on Friday, if you’re among the smart few who will be in attendance, you’ll be the first to learn the new nuggets of gold I’ve discovered over the last 6 months… as well as the proven, proprietary investing tools and methods that will make your heart pound in anticipation of the success they will enable you to achieve.

You see, I’ve bent over backward to make sure this “Jump Start” is the most thorough, money-making real estate training you’ve ever seen. 

In fact, I’ve gathered feedback and surveyed thousands of my readers and students, as well as established real estate pros, to find out what their biggest challenges are when it comes to making money in real estate.

And, I’ve structured the upcoming “Millionaire Jump Start” to solve all those problems and answer your questions!

What’s more, you absolutely must feel like you’ve gotten value (lots of it) from what you learn at the training or I don’t want a penny of the puny tuition.

In fact, I’m so confident that you’ll be absolutely head over heels with the seminar that I’m making you an outrageous guarantee:

Your Double-Protection, No-Fluff,

10x-Your-Money, OUTRAGEOUS, 100% Guarantee!

More on that in a minute, but for now, take a look at a small smidgen of what you’ll learn at the “Millionaire Jump Start”: 

* Money Making Secret #1: Getting Motivated Sellers to Call You!

Forget making  calls to unmotivated sellers and getting rejected more times than a freshman at the senior prom!

I’ll show you how, for over 28 years, I’ve been able to get deals brought to me – AND have motivated sellers hunting me down to sell me their house. 

* Money Making Secret #2: The Art of Structuring Deals!

I’ve been doing this for 40 years, and I love to share how I get sellers to not just give me the house, but also include a check and even a jet ski or two.

I’ll even show you how to get sellers to take back financing, even give you zero interest, and zero payments. You’ll see how to use lease options for both buying and selling and getting an option on the property as little as $10 to control a massive house and make massive profits. It simply doesn’t get much better than this! 

* Money Making Secret #3: Negotiating Secrets Revealed!

I love to negotiate. I recently went to an estate sale, and structured a deal to buy the house and contents right there on the spot. I don’t care if it is a million-dollar house or a $35-dollar taxi ride in some obscure Caribbean Island. Everything is negotiable, and I will show you how to get the best deals. 

* Money Making Secret #4: Trusts Simplified!

A little confused on this entire Trust thing? Why do it? How to do “Subject-To” safely? I will show you my new fundamentals of Trusts training that will simplify the concept so well, a 9-year-old child can understand it.

Trusts give you the ability to buy and sell a property without being exposed to liability and give you legal ways to get around issues with banks. 

* Money Making Secret #5: Develop a Plan for Success in Real Estate.

The wealthiest man ever to walk the earth left clues for us on how he amassed his great wealth and kept it.
The key to his fortune was simple. He had a plan, and he worked it. I’ll show you the secrets of this incredible skill that has not only made me a huge amount of money, but it will also make you millions as well. 

I’m one of the few who’s willing to share this amazing secret with you!

You’ll leave with your own business plan ready to start on Monday!

These are but a small sampling of the mysteries of real estate investments I’ll reveal. I have so many things to share at this Real Estate Investment training, it would take many more pages to tell you everything you’ll learn.

Whew!!! It gets me super-excited just writing about it all!

Anyone of the above little-understood methods and techniques could mean the difference between your greatest success and your worst failure.

This Jump Start isn’t some shallow skim-over-the-topics deal like a lot of other so-called experts talk about.

There’s no way I’d have lasted over 40 years in this business and maintained such a stellar reputation if I was teaching
people BS!

I’m going to go in-depth, detail by detail, into how to use and apply all of these techniques… whether you already have a real estate business or you’re just getting started. Either way, you’ll go home with the knowledge of how to do just what I do, and more.

“When I say you’ll leave with a plan, I mean it! I’m going to be right there showing you how
to create it.”- Lou

You’re going to go home with a plan – a plan created specifically for your business. I call it the:

Street Smart Action Plan

It’s a “Success Action Plan” that will allow you to start implementing what you learn at the Jump Start the minute you step back into the office on Monday morning. Here’s how your “Street Smart Action Plan” will work:

As we cover each topic, you’ll want to pay special attention and consider how it will apply to you. You’ll be asked to stop and write down how you can use this topic in your business during the event. Then you’ll be asked to set long-term, short-term, and mid-ranged goals to be able to apply the topic to your business.

You’ll then break each goal into “Action Steps” and set deadlines for those “Action Steps.” Next, you’ll prioritize these “Action Steps” so that when you step back into your office on Monday, you’ll know exactly what to do first to use what you’ve learned at the boot camp.

It’s really a very simple thing to implement – and by doing, it I think you’ll find you’ll get more from the “Millionaire JumpStart,” then you got from any previous seminar you’ve ever attended.

You’ve Absolutely Got To Experience This Training.

Make no mistake, the Millionaire JumpStart is an event where you’ll get trained and worked.

You aren’t going to sit there with your little notepad and just listen to some fancy guru-speaker show-off and sell their stuff.

At the “Millionaire JumpStart,” you’re going to be trained, schooled, and taught ‘til you’re smiling from ear to ear!

Unlike some other real estate events, you may have heard of, where the “celebrity teacher” sneaks away during the breaks and meals to have time by his or herself and is virtually inaccessible… at THIS Millionaire Jump Start, I flat-out WANT you to corner me and ask me (or my expert team) questions.

In fact…

I WANT You to Join Me For Dinner & Interrogate Me With Your Questions!

I’ll strain my brain in every way to answer any conceivable
questions you have. Grab me at the breaks… grab me whenever
wherever you can – I’ll be available!

But don’t just talk to me. Pick the brains of my team and the other students of mine who I have already turned into deal structuring experts, and they’ll also be at your disposal.

As a VIP attendee, you will have dinner with me and be able to ask all your questions. -Lou

My experience has been that some of the most valuable contacts I’ve ever made came from networking with other attendees… these contacts are priceless.

In fact, I can honestly say that some of my best friends in the world and most-trusted business associates are people I’ve met at seminars.

“What If You’ve Been Investing in Real Estate For Years, Why In The World Would You Attend This Millionaire Jump Start?”

Simple. Because what you learn here, can help you make your income improve.

It’s true.

Many already successful investors come to me because they are not pleased with their success in their real estate business.

For example, if you’re doing well financially, you may want more time off.

Or maybe your deal flow is too up and down all at the same time.

My question to you is: What will you do about it?

I want to make the next 12 months your best ever!

Now, don’t you think your business could use a few extra thousand dollars per month, per week, or per day?? Let me show you how to do it! 

What is it worth to you to have
three full days with me and my dream team?

You get to pump us full of questions, pick our brains, keep us up late at night breaking down your latest deal.

What is that worth??

Frankly, three days of my time, away from my office, not doing my own deals, it can get expensive. I get over $15,000 for one day of consulting.

I have tens of thousands of users of my Whole Enchilada® System in all 50 states, Canada, and 10 more foreign countries.

And I have spawned or inspired a number of knock–off artists and ‘Johnny-come-lately’ fakers who are frankly trying to get away with stealing my paperwork, ideas, and Real Estate Investment Training – but, they don’t have my 40 plus years of experience.

These people are selling unproven, untested ideas, NOT my truly battle-tested Real Estate Investment Training system.

In fact, I’ll bet you the biggest Lobster you can find on a Las Vegas Buffet that they’ll be here today and gone tomorrow, while Street Smart® just keeps creating millionaires day after day.

And as you may have seen above, I’m so confident you will be totally and delighted with this 3-Day training, I am prepared to give you an unheard-of guarantee that nobody else is willing to give.

The I Don’t Care What I Have To Do To Get You Here, 110% No Questions Asked, the Louis Brown Personal Guarantee!

If my wife, Janice, reads this, she’s going to kill me!

But I want to see you at this event. I know you’ll profit from this Real Estate Investment Training like none other available.

I’m looking for raving fans to tell others about it. That’s why I’m prepared to make you this special guarantee.

Attend this Real Estate Investment Course event, and if at the end you have not discovered 5 ways to make an additional $10,000 within 90 days of the event, simply go to the back of the room, see our staff, and they will give you a complete refund, plus an additional 10% for your trouble!

Let’s see someone else make an offer like that and stand by it!!

So what is it worth to have the real deal, the original?

I want you in the room, learning, sharing, and growing… and later raving to your friends how good it was.

I’m going out of my way to make this crazy guarantee. But I’m willing to take that risk because I know I always deliver on my promises, and I trust you not to take advantage of me. You are “on your honor,” so to speak.

I’m even going to sweeten the deal…

Get the Best Seats in the House AND
VIP Treatment All Weekend Long

Sit right up front where you can see all the action!

That’s right. I want you to attend in style so I’m going to knock $500 off the Training. (Yes, you read that right, this is not a typo. I’m giving you $500 off because I want you there! 

So you can bring a spouse or partner for FREE!

It Takes Action To Get What You Want In Life, And You Get All This Action For only $497… This Is Pennies Compared To The Profit You Can Earn. 

I don’t put on seminars. I show people how to change their lives,
create wealth they can enjoy for a lifetime and help as many others
as they want along the way.

Honestly, I’m incredibly excited that you’ve read this far because the moment you register for the Millionaire Jump Start Training is the moment you’ve decided to CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOR THE BETTER! 

At this event, you’re going to be shown the ‘stuff’ that can truly transform your life and your income. Every single person who attends has the capacity to become as wealthy as they wish.

But not everyone who comes to this event will become wealthy… and here’s why.

Some people will come to this event, hang in the back, take a few notes, keep to themselves, and generally play small.

They will listen to what I teach for three days, but the loudest voice will be the one in their head that is constantly telling them they can’t succeed. 

Don’t let that be you! I don’t want that to be you.

I want you to come back in a year tell everyone how you completely changed your income and your life in one short year.

And, if you want to succeed, here’s a secret that will stack the odds in your favor!

Getting up close and personal with winners is a success clue.

Spending time with people who have done what you want to achieve, making sure you get the right education (I mean GET IT), by being in the mix of things and not hanging in the back. 

That is how you stack the odds in your favor, AND there’s one more secret.

You must treat yourself and make decisions like you already have the success you seek.

Success starts with the right mindset, and that’s why I want to invite you to come to be one of the few in this event who will be my VIP students!

Here’s a package I’ve personally created to offer you a more specialized, exciting, and transformational event.  Join me, and let’s get you going on your path to success! 

The VIP Package Includes:

  • Your personal seating choice – (You pick where you want to sit for all 3 days!)
  • We open the doors for you 15 minutes before everyone else! You choose where you want to be – AND there are other exclusive options NOT available to anyone else.
  • You Get a Complete DVD set of a previously recorded Millionaire JumpStart event – No one else can get these. This is the ultimate cure for note-takers-cramps. Forget writing down everything you hear. You’ll have your own take-home version of the training you can review WHENEVER you need a lift, a tip, or a refresher. Pause, rewind, fast forward the entire 3 Day boot camp anytime you want with your own recorded version!
  • You and I Get to Have Dinner Together – You’ll be among the select few who will get to break bread with yours truly on Saturday night. This will be a chance to spend some private time together and get down to brass tacks! Look, if I COULD have dinner with everyone, I might, but then again, I might not. We all gotta eat, but I want to spend my time eating with people who really want to change their lives and are serious about doing it. Those are the folks I KNOW I can help. So, if you’re sitting at my table, you are going to get more than just great food.
  • A private strategy session with a Street Smart Mentor during the event – Some of the best insight and knowledge you could EVER get will comes from your successful peers. People who were once where you are now. If they started out sitting in the audience at a Millionaire Jump Start Event and then went home and put things into action, they know how to guide you too!Imagine sitting down with one of these folks, one-on-one, and knowing full well that they understand how to get you from where you are NOW to where you want to go. That’s exactly what you can expect when you sit and talk with our Street Smart® Millionaire Club Mentors!
  • A Cooler full-of-surprises, treasures, and savings – This is a surprise. I can’t reveal EVERYTHING we are going to jam into this cooler, but I guarantee the rest of the audience will be GREEN with ENVY when they see what you’ve got loaded into your own cooler. Oh, and you get to take it with you too!
  • Upgraded Extra Comfortable Workshop Seating –You will be upgraded from the standard, less comfy, less roomy theater seating to a comfortable table and chair for easy note-taking – AND we’ll provide you with an extra seat cushion to make you even more comfortable for your jam-packed training!The hotel only allows enough room for a limited number of tables. Sure, we could have selected not to put any in the room, but… success has its privileges and because you need to start expecting the best, we wanted to give the option to those who are ready to enjoy it. Trust me, as you’re sitting at one of these upgraded seats, you will be very glad you are a VIP! 
  • A $500 Platinum Savings Club Gift Card – This really is a unique little gift we’ve acquired and can give to you as one of our VIPs. We all need groceries… discounts at many restaurants nationwide… and travel savings too! Even if you have enough money to hire someone else to shop for you, you still need to buy them. This card will save you money on the things you buy already.
  • After event one-on-one call with Lou –So, you’ll complete the training. You’ll get all the knowledge, and you’ll have the best seats in the house, dinner with me, the recordings… what more could you need? Probably nothing, but I won’t leave ANYTHING to chance.

As a VIP, you are my priority. So even after the event, we’ll guide you!

You have questions, need advice, no problem, you can schedule a one-on-one mentoring call with yours truly after you’ve completed your training.

Don’t You Deserve The Best?

Look, I can tell you one thing. There are damn few chances in life to move from the humdrum, everyday experience to the VIP life. This is one of them.

So now you have 2 options…

Option #1:

You can do nothing and continue on the path you’re on. Blend in with the crowd. You may or may not get the

wealth and the freedom you desire. So, you can stick with what you’re doing now and maybe get some results

The trouble is, without a proper success mindset and a proven plan to follow, your old habits and thinking will get in your way, and chances are you’re almost guaranteed to stay stuck.

Option #2:

You can make the decision to come to this event as a VIP, you can see and feel what it’s like to be treated differently, and your mind will start to move you towards that position in your life.

Attending Millionaire JumpStart as a VIP will deliver more return on your investment than you can rightly imagine!

It really should be an easy decision.

We all have that “one-day” when we did the thing that made the difference. Make that “one day” today!

The difference between successful and unsuccessful is ACTION.

The top dogs in any business know they need to take action NOW to be successful. Don’t end up as the broke and miserable of the world who are sitting there hemming and hawing, wondering what happened to their lives!

So, my question is which one are you going to be?

A successful Real Estate Investor who recognizes a great opportunity or someone who is going to “wait and see” and lose the chance of a lifetime?

For immediate reservations, you can call the office at 1-800-578-8580 from 8 AM to 6 PM eastern time and ask for the special Street Smart® MJS VIP deal.

There are only a limited number of seats and frankly, we don’t expect them to last long.

So, don’t delay. Take action now to attend this special real estate training event.

Look, it’d be a crime for you not to be here and learn this new information and get your specific questions answered and problems solved.

Quite frankly, I don’t see myself as a “guru”… I just see myself as someone who’s been given some gifts – someone who has a responsibility to touch as many lives as possible. This is one way I intend to touch your life.

Sure, you have to pay to come. You have to get on a plane, get a hotel room and come to the city America calls “The Big Peach”… But what you’re paying is a pittance compared to what most of those other self-proclaimed “gurus” charge… ($3,500 up to $25,000), and you go home with nothing but a sore credit card and NO action plan.

PLUS, you’re GUARANTEED to get massive value from MJS!

Listen, this isn’t a “regular” seminar – a seminar your typical “guru” puts on.

This is an event where:

  • You’ll Be Virtually Lavished With Attention From Me & My “Dream Team” of Experts.
  • We’ll Stay Up Until the Wee Hours of The Morning If Need Be To Answer All Your Questions.
  • I Will Personally Slave Over You To Make Sure You Learn What You Came To Learn.

Can you really put a price on it? For a measly $497 dollars you’ll be able to completely master a skill that will bring you lifelong benefits. Don’t you think you owe it to yourself to be at this Jump Start?

Of course, you do, so call and register right now or click the option below: 

With Warmest Respect and a Big Fat Yeah Baby…, 

Lou Brown

P.S. Just to make sure you get all your questions answered, the last hour of each day will be spent in a “Question and Answer” session… feel free to ask whatever questions you’d like – no problem.

Now Let’s Look at The Logistics

  • The “Millionaire Jump Start” is being held Friday, February 19th through Sunday, February 21st, 2021 in Dallas, Texas.
  • On the first two days, we’ll go from 8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. with an hour lunch break and 10-minute breaks periodically. 
  • On Sunday we’ll finish around 6:00 p.m. 
  • Registration begins on Friday morning at 7:30 to 8:15. 
  • Later Friday night, after the first day of sessions, you’re invited to attend a networking meeting in the hospitality suite. 
  • This will give you a chance to develop friendships and business contacts with other attendees. 
  • These friendships often not only can become very profitable for you – but you’ll also make some life-long friends as well. 
  • You’ll be staying at the same hotel the event is being held in, and I’ve arranged for you to stay for a HUGE NIGHTLY DISCOUNT. 
  • After you call to secure your spot at MJS, I’ll give you the name and number to call the hotel to make your reservations. 
  • When you do, be sure you tell them you’d like to stay in one of the rooms that have been blocked-off for “The Millionaire Jump Start”… that way you’ll get a special rate. 
  • Don’t put it off… I can only take the first 99 paid registrants. You need to call 1-800-578-8580 right away to make sure you’ll be able to come. 19th

Or use your Visa, MasterCard or American Express to register today by clicking the image below


Throughout my over 40 years of investing, I’ve found that the real key to success is the training you receive from successful, like-minded trainers who practice what they preach.

Then we get right down to showing you how to really turn your desire into dollars.

At this event, you are going to be shown EVERYTHING you need to know to CRUSH IT as a real estate investor!

  • What your BIG number is, the amount you need to reach financial freedom.
  • How to create a business plan. (We do it live in the event because most investors NEVER create one, and without a plan, you don’t know what to do).
  • What to do immediately when you get home from the event.
  • How to find sellers that will offer you the best deals.
  • How to find buyers that will net you the most profit.
  • How to convert buyers and sellers into immediate and LONG-TERM profits.
  • How to buy property in Trust so it can’t be taken, and hidden from others.
  • How to set up an estate plan.

Friend, no matter WHAT you have seen from ANYONE else, you have not seen what I teach at Millionaire Jump Start!

In fact, from the hopeful investors who have attended our “MJS” event in the past, we now have over 500 who set up professional offices nationwide and are buying and selling property.

There are hundreds more who are doing it out of their homes and making mad money.

If you want to succeed, you need to learn from someone who has proven results and I’ve got an over FORTY-year track record. 

Wait! Don't leave.

Maybe you’re not ready for the Elite VIP Package yet.

You can still attend this powerful 3 day training at only $99 for General Admission seating.

That’s right, a 90% discount off of the regular ticket price – And you still bring a business partner or spouse free!

Register Now!