How Can I Learn About Investing in Real Estate?

How Can I Learn About Real Estate Investing?

Hi, it’s Lou Brown, you know, I’m enjoying it here at the beach, my automated business is up running. People are coming in, they’re buying renting houses from us. We’ve got an amazing business, I love to share it with other people and people ask me, How can I learn about investing in real estate? How can I learn about being a real estate investor?

You know, the cool thing is that this is a business that is extremely open to being able to do a number of different things. So you kind of have to find your niche, because it’s a very big industry, the thing called real estate, there’s commercial property, there’s residential property, and then there’s apartments, there’s land development, there’s so many different things you can do in real estate, but I encourage people to start with the biggest, safest place. and that is single family, real estate investing, because there’s a market for it, there’s always going to be a market for single family homes.

The opportunity is to have a lifestyle in your life, have control over your time, have control over your income, and so I’m a big believer in learning how to do this business right. By learning how to have a residual income business.

So instead of just one and done, or quick flips, get some cash. But now you got to go do that. Again, I like doing something today, that pays me an income forever. That’s one of the things that I teach you at my upcoming Millionaire Jumpstart event, that’s a three day training, I’m going to be focused on buying, buying right behind cheat, and he’s focused on how to hold those properties long term for maximum well, and how to protect them using trusts and how to protect your properties your life, every every aspect of your life using trusts.

Now, people ask me, you know, how do I get started learning about real estate? Well, you certainly can buy some books, you certainly can get some good information, I’ve got one called Buy, Hold, Sell.  It’s a great book, it’s on Amazon and took me 10 years to write that book. So you know, it’s loaded with a lot of valuable information, and certainly, that’s a good starting point.

I’ve got another good book called Doing Good While Doing Well, and that book, and I take you to the other side of it, really helping people to end up with homeownership and becoming a Certified Affordable Housing Provider, and that opportunity exists for all of you the chance to make a difference while you’re making a profit. The chance to help others end up with a better life than the one they’ve got. I love that I I plan for that. It is what I do every day. I get excited when I see people move up in their life and have a different opportunity. I want to encourage you to do exactly the same thing.

So let me share that with you. It’s the upcoming Millionaire Jumpstart, and that’s a three day training. I make it very inexpensive only $99 or you can become a VIP and get a lot more benefits when you become a VIP so see about it right here on the site. I’m looking forward to seeing you soon. Yeah, bye

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