Standard Event Training Includes

  • How to Get Buyers and Sellers to Call You First!

    This is brand new. We had to completely change how we did business during the recession and this is paying off huge dividends! No more chasing prospects. I'll show you how.

  • Structure Deals for Maximum Profit.

    This session alone will put $thousands$ more back in your pocket.

  • Fund Your Deals Without Using One Penny of Your Money.

    I'll show you how to access private financing, structure deals with "seller financing" and access government grants to just name a few of the tactics I'll reveal.

  • Protect Your Assets for Years to Come

    Don't risk everything you've worked so hard to earn. I'll show you how to shield your assets so you and your family never have to worry again.

  • Plus Dozens of Strategies to Jump Start Your Success

VIP Upgrade to Maximize Your Success

  • Your personal seating choice (You pick where you want to sit for All 3 days!)

    We open the doors for you 15 minutes before everyone else! You choose where you want to be – AND there are other exclusive options NOT available to anyone else.

  • You Get a Complete DVD set of a previously recorded Millionaire Jump Start event.

    No one else can get these. This is the ultimate cure for note-takers-cramps. Forget writing down everything you hear. You’ll have your own take home version of the training that you can review WHENEVER you need a lift, a tip or a refresher. Pause, rewind, fast forward the entire 3 Day boot camp anytime you want with your own recorded version!

  • You and Lou Get to Have Dinner Together.

    You’ll be among the select few who will get to break bread with yours truly on Saturday night. This will be a chance to spend some private time together and get down to brass tacks!

  • A private strategy session with Street Smart Mentor during the event.

    Some of the best insight and knowledge you could EVER get will comes from your successful peers. People who were once where you are now. If they started out sitting in the audience at a Millionaire Jumpstart Event and then went home and put things into action, they know how to guide you too!. Imagine sitting down with Sit down one of these folks, one-on-one and knowing full well that they understand how to get you from where you are NOW to where you want to go. That’s exactly what you can expect when you sit and talk with our Street Smart Millionaire Club Mentors!

  • A Cooler full-o-surprises, treasures and savings.

    This is a surprise. I can’t reveal EVERYTHING we are going to jam into this cooler, but I guarantee the rest of the audience will be GREEN with ENVY when they see what you’ve got loaded into your own cooler. Oh, and you get to take it with you too!

  • Upgraded Extra Comfortable Workshop Seating.

    You will be upgraded from the standard, less comfy, less roomy theater seating to a comfortable table and chair for easy note taking - AND we’ll provide you with an extra seat cushion to make you even more comfortable for your jam-packed training! The hotel only allows enough room for a limited number of tables. Sure, we could have selected not to put any in the room, but… success has its privileges and because you need to start expecting the best, we wanted to give the option to those who are ready to enjoy it. Trust me, as you’re sitting at one of these upgraded seats, you will be very glad you are a VIP

  • A $500 Platinum Savings Club Card!

    This really is a unique little gift we’ve acquired and can give to our VIPs. We all need groceries. Even if you have enough money to hire someone else to shop for you, you still need to buy them. This card will save you money on the things you buy already.

  • After event one-on-one call with Lou.

    So, you’ll complete the training. You’ll get all the knowledge, you’ll have the best seats in the house, dinner with me, the recordings…what more could you need? Probably nothing, but I won’t leave ANYTHING to chance. If you are a VIP, you are my priority. So even after the event, we'll guide you! You have questions, need advice, no problem, you can schedule a one-on-one mentoring call with yours truly after you've completed your training.